[OSM-dev] ANNOUNCE: OpenStreetMap maps will be added to Wikimedia projects

Jens Frank jens.l.frank at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 8 18:06:46 BST 2009

2009/4/5 Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org>

> Stephan Plepelits wrote:
> >> forking lite.. :-)
> > Something like the OpenStreetBrowser? ->
> http://www.openstreetbrowser.org
> >
> > You don't need a database fork for this, you just have to integrate the
> > data (which is happening since the OSM was born).
> I think we're talking about stuff that OSM has no place for (yet,
> perhaps). For example an article illustrating some historic displacement
> of people from one region to others; I don't think anyone is saying that
> those trans-European arrows we known from history class should be
> modeled as relations in OSM, to be rendered by the appropriate Mapnik
> rule ;-)

Things like historic displacements could be implemented as a  KML overlay.
The SlippyMap extension already supports KML, see


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