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Iván Sánchez Ortega ivan at sanchezortega.es
Tue Apr 14 10:32:18 BST 2009

El Martes, 14 de Abril de 2009, Stefan de Konink escribió:
> > My question is : what are the terms and conditions of using ‘
> > OpenStreetMap ‘ for a tracking system?
> As long as you mention that the map data you are using as base layer
> comes from OpenStreetMap, mention it license (Creative Commons, BY-SA)
> you will be safe.

As this will be a website and/or a GPS device, it'd be better to provide lots 
and lots of links to openstreetmap.org, a link to the "Attribution" page on 
the wiki, and a full copy of the CC-by-sa license.

> > That’s mean it’s for commercial use

Yeah, go ahead. 

> It might be interesting for you to get better Australian data by
> submitting (anonymized) tracklogs back to OpenStreetMap.

Well, the spirit of the license is that, if intellitrac fixes some road data 
(conectivity, oneways, roundabouts, names, whatever), it must either:
- Push the changes back into OSM's main DB
- Publish the changes somewhere so one of OSM's map junkies can clean it up 
and push the changes into the DB.

In short: we're helping you have more complete map data, the only thing we ask 
for is "please help us have more complete map data".

For more information, write to legal-talk.

> > 2. how accurate are the maps for Australia?
> Probably as accurate as the rest of the map; if Australia is 'finished'
> I cannot tell ;)

IIRC from the ITO video for 2008, non-coastal Australia (i.e. anywhere but 
Sydney) started developing by fall. Most probably we'll be missing lots and 
lots of villages and secondary roads.

However, Sydney is amazingly well mapped (as are most big cities).

Anyway, you should download a planet extract for Australia (look at 
downloads.cloudmade.com) and look for yourself.

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