[OSM-dev] using OpenStreetMap api

Mohamad Ali Mohamad.ali at intellitrac.com.au
Wed Apr 15 02:52:25 BST 2009

Just one more question.
What the difference between OpenStreetMap and openlayers??

What I understood is we use openlayers.js as an  API
And we use openstreetmap maps??
Is it correct..
Please correct  me if I am wrong, and please provide me some links for more
info if available

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Mohamad Ali wrote:
> I am a software developer in Australia,

Welcome ;)

> 1.We develop a tracking system used for GPS devices, so we display the 
> vehicles on a map on real time,..
> My question is : what are the terms and conditions of using ' 
> OpenStreetMap ' for a tracking system?

As long as you mention that the map data you are using as base layer 
comes from OpenStreetMap, mention it license (Creative Commons, BY-SA) 
you will be safe.

> That's mean it's for commercial use

Typically; just give credits and don't violate the creative commons 
license, that means don't do things like adding DRM to the map data then 
you will be in violation of the license. The osm-legal list might be a 
better place to get this answer answered.
It might be interesting for you to get better Australian data by 
submitting (anonymized) tracklogs back to OpenStreetMap.

> 2. how accurate are the maps for Australia?

Probably as accurate as the rest of the map; if Australia is 'finished' 
I cannot tell ;)


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