[OSM-dev] Traveling Salesman - v1.0.0-RC1

marcus.wolschon at googlemail.com marcus.wolschon at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 15 07:02:05 BST 2009

Traveling Salesman - v1.0.0-RC1

Traveling Salesman is a navigation application for use on nettops and
laptops for
the OpenStreetMap. It's focus is on clean, well documented code and
via plugins.

Download it:                    
Start it via Java Webstart:     
Announcement in the forum:      

V1.0.0-RC1 was released for bug-fixing up to the release of v1.0.0 planned
next weekend.
Development will continue on the trunk while this release started the
The stable release has TMC-support and 2 routing-engines that are only used
as examples
removed and shall contain only stable code.
We also have 2 webstart-versions now:
 http://travelingsales.sourceforge.net/ts-stable.jnlp  and

- 0000126: [Route-Finding] IRouteMetric ignored by routers
- 0000125: [Driving Directions] Way symbol is named as node
- 0000124: [Driving Directions] RoutingSteps should be combined for driving
- 0000123: [User-Interface] wrong ETA
- 0000122: [Other/Unknown] JGPSProvider crashed when the configured serial
port vanishes.
- 0000121: [Databases] allow downloading not only bounding-boxes
- 0000120: [User-Interface] jumping to bounding-box after import wreaks
havok if nothing was importedn.
- 0000119: [User-Interface] download current area not working
- 0000118: [Databases] Add FileWriter to FileReader in LibOSM
- 0000117: [Address-Search] Cities may be place=city or
voundary=administrative with admin_level=7
- 0000109: [Route-Finding] Fehlermeldung bei Routeberechnung
- 0000115: [User-Interface] panel to show current Traffic-messages
- 0000103: [User-Interface] emty error message "Error while painting map"
- 0000108: [Other/Unknown] OpenJDK crashed when TS tries to install
JavaComm for Sun-JDK (Marcuswolschon)
- 0000107: [Renderers] OSRPaintVisitor does not fall back to
- 0000106: [User-Interface] subdirectories of geofebrik not showingin
download-menu (Marcuswolschon)
- 0000105: [User-Interface] limit length of shown stack-trace in popup
- 0000104: [User-Interface] select default-text in address-search on
getFocus (Marcuswolschon)

changes in the SVN-version for v1.1:
- 0000091: [traffic-messages(not driving instructions)] parse TMC-messages
by GNC-receivers embedded in NMEA (Marcuswolschon)
- 0000016: [traffic-messages(not driving instructions)] Add TMC-decoder
- 0000114: [traffic-messages(not driving instructions)] store and update
TMC-messages (Marcuswolschon)

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