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D Tucny d at tucny.com
Wed Apr 15 10:58:08 BST 2009

2009/4/15 Mohamad Ali <Mohamad.ali at intellitrac.com.au>

> I tried to contact 'legal-talk at openstreetmap.org' , no body reply..

It was only 10 hrs ago, be patient... :)

Can I ask you a question , because I would like to be sure that I can use
> openstreetmap  for commercial use,
> I would like to put openstreetmap   on my website and people will access my
> site every day,
> Of course I will put the credits and licenses in my JavaScript code and
> link
> to openstreetmap in my website user interface,..
> Is that enough or should I contact 'legal-talk'?
Commercial use or the data and map tiles in their unmodified forms is
allowed as long as you provide the required attribution... Anyone can use
the data, which is the entire point of having an Open streetmap :)
If you were to modify the data or tiles and then publish the results of
those modifications I believe it can get more complex, so you'd need to
check the license and perhaps discuss the issue on the legal-talk list if
you needed to do that...

If you are only looking to provide a slippy map view, and not use the data
directly, you should check this page too which is specifically about using
the tiles produced by the mapnik based tile server run by/for the project...


The key bits that would be potentially relevant in your situation are
1) that you shouldn't bulk download tiles, i.e. don't download all the tiles
in an area to host directly on your own server
2) the point on heavy users, which might not be an issue now, but, if your
site is, or becomes, busy then you should look into either setting up your
own local tile rendering instance, or, look at commercial providers of
rendered tiles such that you are not overloading the project public tile

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