[OSM-dev] [bug] direction of GPS traces

Johnny Rose Carlsen osm at wenix.dk
Wed Apr 15 11:17:38 BST 2009

Jonathan Bennett <openstreetmap at jonno.cix.co.uk> wrote:

> Johnny Rose Carlsen wrote:
> > Does that mean that my non-public traces are still available to
> > others?, I thought that they would only be shown to me.
> The individual points from private traces are shown when someone asks
> for an area download, but there's no way of telling which points in
> that area are from which trace, or who uploaded them. It's not
> possible to reconstruct a trace from just the points.

Ah, I see - I just never knew that.

All the private tracks I have, are tracks in very poor quality, e.g.
tracks with lots of noise, places where I forgot to turn of the GPS, or

I'm not really worried about my privacy, its more an issue that my
"garbage tracks" will only be noise to others (90% noise, 10% good).

I suppose I should delete these tracks again, and get em fixed locally.

Best regards,
 - Johnny Carlsen

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