[OSM-dev] using osm as base to superset

Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) ajrlists at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 15 16:14:31 BST 2009

MilesTogoe wrote:
>Sent: 13 April 2009 8:30 PM
>To: osmdev
>Subject: [OSM-dev] using osm as base to superset
>We would like to better integrate our road network data with OSM -
>perhaps as using OSM as a base dataset with an extra superset of data
>specific to our needs (very detailed road information ie lane widths,
>shoulder widths, turn lane designations, stop bar location, signal
>timing, ...) - this way, all of our road network additions can get
>exported into the OSM network (which here in the US would be a good
>addition - the current Tiger data can use lots of editing).   I've been
>trying to figure out how we can do this and would like some input from
>the OSM community.
>1) we currently have road segment objects with separate directional
>links - we have a hierarchy of:
> >> road
> >>>>directional link
>we could make this more integrated with OSM by:
>a) adding lots of detailed tags  (but would OSM want all this extra
>detail ?)
>b) write an export translation to the current common tag designations,
>combining the directional links to form 2-way ways.
>c) we could modify our objects to better follow the "way" collection of
>nodes - this might be like a) but I'm just not sure how we would do this
>and still keep our level of detail.
>Any thoughts?

I'd suggest starting a basic wiki page with the details of the data you have
and its format. Then announce its existence to the OSM Talk mailing list and
ask for assistance in working out the best tagging schema. I'm sure you will
find some community members who have an interest in this and will help with
the process as needed.


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