[OSM-dev] implemented API for J2SE and J2ME (NameFinder Client API)

Michael Willigens michael at willigens.de
Tue Apr 21 11:23:04 BST 2009


i have thought about that last night,
Its sounds a bit odd but it would be possible to use an LDAP server  
for GeoNaming lookups. We could create a canonical, hirachical scheme  
and fill in any named Objects. Correctly implemented LDAP is several  
times faster than MySQL in naming lookups and supports also wildcard  
queries. We could even split up the request by using a well known has  
funstion among severla LDAP servers.
An Example scheme "could" depend on places and large polygon border  
structures like:
Earth - > Continent -> Country -> State -> Region -> City -> ...
We could fill on Bogus placeholders for canonicals that are not  
defined. (i.e. Countries without any States like Liechtenstein)

what dou you think about that ?

Michael Willigens

Zitat von Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org>:

> Hi,
> Grant Slater wrote:
>> Namefinder development seems to have taken a break for awhile...
>> Devs: Got mad coding skillz? Namefinder is ripe for improvement or   
>> replacement.
>> There has been talk of holding a virtual or physical meet to discuss...
> There were, I think, a number of people who made announcements of one
> kind or another ("almost completed implementation of new namefinder"
> etc) on talk-de, but nothing final has ever come out, I'll inquire
> about the status and report.
> There was also a recent GSoc proposal by someone I think, someone who
> also wanted to do localised search based on current viewport etc.?
> Agreed that *good* geocoding is very important, and somewhat of a weak
> spot in OSM at the moment...
> Bye
> Frederik
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