[OSM-dev] speedup of the API migration?

"Jonas Krückel (John07)" osm at jonas-krueckel.de
Tue Apr 21 17:29:29 BST 2009

Hi devs,
after the successfull migration to API0.6 i want to ask a question ;-)
The downtime seemed quite long for me (therefore i had a lot of time to 
think about this ;-) ) and i thought about how you could speedup the 
Now i just want to know where is the error/obstacle in my plan.

How much of the data is edited in 4 days? 10% ?
So let´s say you make a planet file on monday and run it through the 
complete process with 9 steps. On Friday you set the api in read-only 
mode and make a diff of all the changes between monday and friday. Now 
you apply your process with 9 steps to this diff (because it is only 10% 
of the data it should work quite fast) and then merge it with the 
processed data from monday.
You put this new data into the server and the migration should be almost 


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