[OSM-dev] speedup of the API migration?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Apr 21 18:10:33 BST 2009


Jonas Krückel (John07) wrote:
> Now i just want to know where is the error/obstacle in my plan.

There's no "error" as such, but of course your plan sounds good mainly 
because you left out a lot of ugly bits ;-) it would probably induce 
less downtime, but be considerably more work for the team in planning - 
if, on the changeover weekend, you find out that there was a problem, 
then you have to cancel everything and do it again later, whereas with 
the 0.6 approach you'd just extend downtime by a day or so.

I'm sure that when API 0.7 comes, you'll be more than welcome to help.

(Speaking of which... should we perhaps plan an "API 0.7 wishlist" 
session during SOTM where we gather ideas, suggestions, requirements?)


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