[OSM-dev] Current planet file is broken (was: osmosis cutting planet)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Apr 24 00:00:43 BST 2009


Frederik Ramm wrote:
> From the source it seems that somewhere in the relation section we have 
> something like
> <member type="..." id="Way" role="..."/>

And that's what it is; the whole "relation" section of the 
planet-090421.osm.bz2 planet file is broken, it has types where it 
should have ids and vice versa:

     <member type="25455020" ref="Way" role=""/>
     <member type="24877893" ref="Way" role=""/>
     <member type="25665664" ref="Way" role=""/>
     <member type="33343240" ref="Way" role=""/>

This is due to a bug in the planet dump script which I have fixed 
(review before use, please).


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