[OSM-dev] Extended Multipolygons in JOSM?

Ian Dees ian.dees at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 17:56:00 BST 2009


I am trying to update my shp-to-osm tool [0] to chop up ways with >2000
nodes into smaller ones. Part of this task involves advanced multipolygon
support [1]. It seems as though I'm doing the right thing: ways longer than
2000 nodes get split and the first node of way A and last node of way B are
the same. They're all made part of a multipolygon relation with role=outer.

However, when I try to open this file in JOSM and see what happens with the
non-wireframe renderer, half the screen turns red when I select the way.

What is the "correct" way to tag and build these features? Am I missing a
step somewhere?


[0] http://redmine.yellowbkpk.com/projects/show/geo
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