[OSM-dev] API: no BBOX download of a way if no nodes inside the BBOX?

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Sun Apr 26 20:52:38 BST 2009

Shaun McDonald wrote:
> On 26 Apr 2009, at 22:28, Chris Browet wrote:
>> I just noticed that an API download via a BBOX do not retrieve a way  
>> crossing the BBOX unless one of its nodes is inside the BBOX.
>> Was it like that before, is it new and on purpose or a bug?
> This is the way it has always been.
> The reason is because the map call searches for all the nodes in the  
> bbox, then deduces all the ways from that list of nodes. There is no  
> Postgis linestring magic done yet.

If I provide the SQL statement to get this information could it be made 
into a new call?


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