[OSM-dev] API: no BBOX download of a way if no nodes inside the BBOX?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Apr 26 21:16:29 BST 2009


Stefan de Konink wrote:
> If I provide the SQL statement to get this information could it be made 
> into a new call?

I hope that we'll have something "proper" in the long run, i.e. store 
geometries in the data base and return objects that intersect with the 
given bbox. This would likely (but not necessarily) go hand in hand with 
introducing a proper area data type which would make it possible to 
return area objects that encompass a given bbox without the boundaries 

However, this would require us to switch to PostGIS from Postgres *and* 
build geometries for all objects and store them. I have not talked to 
our database admins about this but I would assume that we'd first want 
to let the Postgres switchover settle in, then perhaps make an entry to 
database geometries by dropping our own lat/lon tiles, and at some later 
time then, if performance considerations allow, do a full PostGIS API.

I think it would be promising to set up a daily/hourly/minutely diff 
based API mirror outside of the OSM empire that uses proper PostGIS 
geometries so we could do performance comparisons.


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