[OSM-dev] Cartagen - client-side vector based map renderer, dynamic maps

Jeffrey Warren warren at mit.edu
Mon Apr 27 17:55:46 BST 2009

Great, it's good to see other efforts in this area, and I'm definitely
interested in collaborating. I want to stress, however, that Cartagen is not
necessarily an OSM renderer, but a mapping framework in general - it can
consume the OSM API, but also KML and other data sources. One thing I really
like about the osmarender frontend project is that beyond trying to be a
wysiwyg map editor, it uses a style markup similar to what I've been doing
in Cartagen... the rules file:

We should definitely work together on a common style format - i've tried to
make Cartagen run on something very close to CSS, which is why I've called
it GSS - the idea being that web developers who are used to CSS can use
their literacy to design maps as well:


The nice thing about GSS is that it's actually JSON - meaning that instead
of static styles like:

footway: {
lineWidth: 2,
strokeStyle: "#842"

we also can write actual code in a style, like:

way: {
strokeStyle: function() {
 return color_from_string(this.user)
lineWidth: 2,
 fillStyle: "white"

The above converts the user name of the contributor (from OSM) to a hex
string useable as a color. So what you see is something like this:


This is why i see Cartagen as more than a renderer, but a fully scriptable
map design framework.


On Sun, Apr 26, 2009 at 11:10 AM, Mario Ferraro <fadinlight at gmail.com>wrote:

> Here I am :)
> Going to write Jeffrey to join our efforts if possible :)
> Recently I've tried to retrieve data from an sqlite DB in Mozilla Firefox
> (which is slow, but perhaps not too much considering it doesn't need to be
> the fastest renderer in the world but something that doesn't need any
> installation client-side, just a Firefox extension). I've found some
> benchmarks good and some bad (Osmarender is quite demanding about number of
> queries), but it worth further analysis to me.
> Cheers,
> Mario Ferraro
> Ian Dees ha scritto:
>> On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 11:49 AM, Colin Marquardt <
>> cmarqu42 at googlemail.com <mailto:cmarqu42 at googlemail.com>> wrote:
>>    2009/4/25 Jeffrey Warren <warren at mit.edu <mailto:warren at mit.edu>>:
>>     > I'm working on a Javascript map renderer, non tile-based. It's
>> really
>>     > early-stage alpha, and not publicly released yet, but I'd love
>>    some feedback
>>     > from folks as I'm continuing to develop it.
>>    Interesting, this is already the second JS renderer after I came across
>>    http://bloodgate.com/wiki/index.php?title=Temap
>>    a few days ago. Maybe you could join forces?
>> One of the Google Summer of Code applicants submitted an application for
>> finishing his JavaScript-based OSM renderer. Check it out:
>> http://osmarenderfrontend.wordpress.com/
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