[OSM-dev] What is OSM and what isn't?

Stephan Plepelits skunk at xover.htu.tuwien.ac.at
Thu Apr 30 10:53:39 BST 2009

On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 11:28:44AM +0200, Chris-Hein Lunkhusen wrote:

I also have some suggestions for the homepage:
It's annoying that the Search-Box is outside of the browser window so you
have to scroll (at least on my 1280x800 screen).

I would propose the following order of boxes:
- Logo (for sure on top)
- Search Box
- Links (Wiki, News, ...)
- Current stuff (like the advertisment for the SOTM)
- Info about the project
- Information about hosting

Maybe the Boxes can be a little bit smaller (smaller text for the links,
wider text), so at least the first lines about the "Infos about the
project" can be seen on normal screens.

> > And I try to explain people that OSM is providing
> > the data and the maps and that its not the goal of OSM to provide every
> > conceivable map or mapping web site or service. 
> So I think at least some kind of Link to a routing app
> would be usefull on the start page, so that beginners
> can see the full potential behind OSM....
Yes, that's a good idea.

People hear the term OpenStreetMap (for sure there's a lot in the news),
they go to the homepage - and what do they see? A simple map (nothing wrong
with it) ... how should they know what other application there are

I just tried to find other applications from the Homepage:
-> Help & Wiki
   -> Show me the map (that's where I'm coming from)
   -> Beginners' Guide (I don't want to create data, I want to use it)
   -> Map Making (I told you)
   -> Development (Hey! I can use a Webbrowser)
   -> FAQs (Now we are getting somewhere - but still it's about Where it
            comes from, Editing, *yawn*)
   -> Press (Still there? wow)
   -> Image of the Week (This is _really_ helpful)
-> News Blog
   -> Discount for Where 2.0, Call for SOTM, API 0.6
   ... nothing interesting for someone who just heard about OSM
-> Shop
   ... no applications
-> Map Key
   ... not helping

So ... where are the feature-rich applications like routing, opencyclemap,
...? No wonder people don't discover the potential ...

In my opionion we should produce a page with featured applications, with a
link from the mainpage (before "Help & Wiki" i would propose). A good
example might be the OpenID-page:
- One page like[1], with links to featured applications.
- One application where People can enter their applications themselves with
  screenshots, descriptions and the possibility of others to vote (to
  promote applications) and leave comments.

[1] http://openid.net/get/
[2] http://openiddirectory.com/


PS: It was high time for my rant about the homepage ;)
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