[OSM-dev] Delete a node

hy-soft hy-soft at sha-mash.de
Sun Dec 13 21:34:13 GMT 2009

Shaun McDonald wrote:
>> I thought you needed the version (and I forget if it's the new version
>> or the old version).  Will it really work without the version?
No you really need the version and of course not the last changeset but
the changeset that represents your current processing(s).

> It's the version of the item that you have downloaded. (i.e. the old
> version).
> Your welcome to add clarifications to the API docs to improve them for
> others.
I just wanted to do so after some tests and found that user 'Matt' did
that just some minutes ago.

He did not talk/write here but instead doing it and updated the wiki
immediately - which is great.

Thanks to Matt!

But anyway thanks to all of you providing answers.

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