[OSM-dev] set-mapnik-env stage of rendering tiles

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Dec 17 13:15:30 GMT 2009


Kuba Z. wrote:
> I do it first time and am not familiar with non-windows environments. 
> I'm trying to generate osm tiles on win. I have osm in postgis already, 
> projection inicialised, mapnik onboard, mapnik configuration files modified.
> I can't make it to execute:
> set-mapnik-env customize-mapnik-map >osm.xml

./set-mapnik-env customize-mapnik-map >osm.xml

Most non-windows environments don't let you execute stuff in the current 
directory unless you explicitly say so.

However, the set-mapnik-env/customize-mapnik-map route is not used by 
the main map style anymore, and has been ditched in favour of entity 
declarations in the "inc" subdirectory.


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