[OSM-dev] duplicated entities with osmosis diff-update

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Dec 19 22:20:26 GMT 2009


Harald Kleiner wrote:
> I'm trying to update an excerpt of the planet file with diff files using
> this command:
> osmosis --rci workingDirectory=/path/dir --rx old.osm --ac
>    --bb left=1 top=2 right=3 bottom=4
>    idTrackerType=BitSet completeWays=yes completeRelations=yes
>    --wx new.osm
> Problem is: nodes/ways/relations that were changed can be found in all
> intermediate versions in the resulting file and I only want to see the
> latest version of every object.
> Can I tell osmosis to discard all but the latest version?

I think if you throw in a "--simplify-change" before the --rx then it 
should work! I haven't tried, just that Brett wrote in a recent mail to 
osmosis-dev that he has introduced this new undocumented feature.


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