[OSM-dev] Planet OSM not showing up in GeoServer 1.6.5

Quy phan quyminhphan at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 29 19:53:55 GMT 2009

Hey guys,

Finished reading in the OSM planet data (planet-091209.osm.bz2)
But now I have a problem previewing the data in Geoserver (1.6.5)

This is what I did, went into Geoserver, add a new DataStore -> chose Postgis -> set everything to default,
only add in the database name and username/passwd

Now go to Feature Types, and I see 4 new feature types when I press new (lines, polygon, point, roads).
So I configure those new feature types, Using epsg: 900913 (would it matter if I put 4326) 
Also I generated the Bounding Box (the lat and longs) and I left everything else as default.
Add in some simple styles, but nothing previews at all when I 
demo them (Welcome -> Demo Preview -> choose any of the 4 planet_osm componenets).

Some ideas of what I got that might have made the map not preview:
- Bad dataset (planet-091209.osm.bz2) is not good?
- Re-read in the data using osm2pgsql
- change the epsg?
- Something I am missing while importing the postgis data onto Geoserver (I am relatively new)

Any pointers would help!

Another weird peoblem is when I double click on map some weird character encoding comes out
Something like that below:

IHDR�����&���������|IDATx���1���0�

Any help would be much much appreciated!

Thank you,
Happy Holidays!!!
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