[OSM-dev] Planet OSM not showing up in GeoServer 1.6.5

Quy phan quyminhphan at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 29 20:16:29 GMT 2009

I forgot to mention, what I just found out is that
UDig was able to read in the Postgis data from my database and display the map...
But UDig is displaying it in Generic Catesion 2D and not in epsg 4326 or 900913

Probably a projection problem?
Or I am just not uploading the postgis data onto geoserver correctly

From: quyminhphan at hotmail.com
To: dev at openstreetmap.org
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 11:53:55 -0800
Subject: [OSM-dev] Planet OSM not showing up in GeoServer 1.6.5

Hey guys,

Finished reading in the OSM planet data (planet-091209.osm.bz2)
But now I have a problem previewing the data in Geoserver (1.6.5)

This is what I did, went into Geoserver, add a new DataStore -> chose Postgis -> set everything to default,
only add in the database name and username/passwd

Now go to Feature Types, and I see 4 new feature types when I press new (lines, polygon, point, roads).
So I configure those new feature types, Using epsg: 900913 (would it matter if I put 4326) 
Also I generated the Bounding Box (the lat and longs) and I left everything else as default.
Add in some simple styles, but nothing previews at all when I 
demo them (Welcome -> Demo Preview -> choose any of the 4 planet_osm componenets).

Some ideas of what I got that might have made the map not preview:
- Bad dataset (planet-091209.osm.bz2) is not good?
- Re-read in the data using osm2pgsql
- change the epsg?
- Something I am missing while importing the postgis data onto Geoserver (I am relatively new)

Any pointers would help!

Another weird peoblem is when I double click on map some weird character encoding comes out
Something like that below:

IHDR�����&���������|IDATx���1���0�

Any help would be much much appreciated!

Thank you,
Happy Holidays!!!
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