[OSM-dev] Some new (proposed but running) services for the community.

Łukasz Jernaś deejay1 at srem.org
Sun Feb 1 16:23:04 GMT 2009

Hello list!

There's a new machine availible for the OSM project (actually it's my
private Internet presence, not used for anything serious anymore
except running BOINC :)
It's an Intel Atom machine with a few gigs of diskspace.

Currently it's running a bleeding edge instance of review board
(http://www.review-board.org/) and two buildbots for Merkaartor and
JOSM core.
The config files will be available shortly at
http://github.com/deejay1/osmutils/tree/master for your updating
pleasure ;)

Now for the URL-s:
http://osm.srem.org/ - reviewboard url
http://osm.srem.org/buildbot/merkaartor/ - Merkaartor's buildbot
(don't forget the last / - some apache mod_proxy user needed to fix
that ;)
http://osm.srem.org/buildbot/josm/ - JOSM's buildbot (same as above)

Review Board currently has 3 components set up:
Merkaartor - for Merkaartor trunk
JOSM - for JOSM core
OpenStreetMap - for the main svn (can be used also for merkaartor)

The best way is to use the post-review script available at
but the project admins should set a property on the repository dir
with the URL using svn propset reviewboard:url http://osm.srem.org/ .
Of course one can live without it, but you will have to type in the
"base path" which is usually pretty ugly.
Aaah, forgot the best part - you can log in using your regular osm
login (hopefully, I haven't tested it for logins like foo at bar.com,
spaetz had some troubles with them while developing tah_ngo, just
email me if you have trouble with it I'll go around checking it)

As for the buildbots - currently there are no notifications present,
if there's a demand for the of course I'll add them.

Łukasz [DeeJay1] Jernaś

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