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> From: "RICHARDS T.W." <t.w.richards at durham.ac.uk>
> Date: 3 February 2009 09:54:03 PST
> To: <steve at asklater.com>
> Subject: Static Maps URL
> Hi,
> I am a student at Durham University, working on a software  
> development project to create a geocaching game.
> I have been using Google Static Maps API, to download tiles, for my  
> PDA application, however it isn't quite flexible/accurate enough for  
> me to stitch together the tiles, so I have been looking into  
> OpenStreetMap, which looks ideal.
> However, one of the constraints of the project is we must use java  
> for both the desktop and PDA applications, I therefore can't use the  
> python scripts for downloading the tiles.
> I was wondering if your Export feature on http://www.openstreetmap.org/ 
> , uses a url structure like... http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/staticmaps/ 
> . I know its a big ask, if such a structure exists, would could you  
> please provide details?
> Thank you very much for your time reading this, and I hope  
> OpenStreetMap continues to be a success.
> Kindest Regards,
> Tom Richards



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