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Iván Sánchez Ortega ivan at sanchezortega.es
Wed Feb 4 20:19:43 GMT 2009

El Miércoles, 4 de Febrero de 2009, SteveC escribió:
> > I have been using Google Static Maps API, to download tiles, for my
> > PDA application, however it isn't quite flexible/accurate enough for
> > me to stitch together the tiles, so I have been looking into
> > OpenStreetMap, which looks ideal.
> >
> > However, one of the constraints of the project is we must use java
> > for both the desktop and PDA applications, I therefore can't use the
> > python scripts for downloading the tiles.

Hi, Tom,

If you want to download and stitch tiles, be sure to read this wiki page:

And you should have a look at the sorce code of JMapViewer:

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http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mailing_lists )

Iván Sánchez Ortega <ivan at sanchezortega.es>

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