[OSM-dev] Massive building import - thoughts

Marc Schütz schuetzm at gmx.net
Sat Feb 7 11:24:31 GMT 2009

Am Freitag 06 Februar 2009 19:32:37 schrieb sly (sylvain letuffe):
> Hi there,
> ( that will probably bring some more fear to the different API/server
> admins ;-) )
> In france, next to the cadastre's agreement of using their data for OSM, we
> might soon be able to import something like 60% of France's builings.
> The remaining question is : should we do it ?
> - quality concerns/tests are on their way
> - semi-automated imports are being developped to spread the load in time
> (and get a quality idea of the data we have)
> My RFC on this dev list is, what negativ inpact could that bring to OSM db
> servers ? on rendering servers too ?
> Values expectation are roughly :
> - 10,000,000 builings (from a single house to church to towers to many
> others) - composed roughly from 4 to ~50 nodes
> Thoughts are welcome

A note on the import order of the elements: You should create the ways for a 
building as soon as its nodes have been uploaded, instead of after importing 
all nodes. Otherwise some people will be going to delete all those "useless, 
untagged nodes". Other imports have been bitten by this.

Regards, Marc

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