[OSM-dev] SVN rails_port questions: browse, relicensing

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Feb 11 16:26:02 GMT 2009


Tom Hughes wrote:
>> Also, I read from the foundation meeting minutes that the code to 
>> handle the technical side of the planned license change has already 
>> been mostly completed


> There is some code on my hard disk that I will be working on completing 
> over the next few weeks. As it isn't on a branch it probably won't be 
> committed before it is ready to go live though. It isn't a huge amount 
> of code though.

Does your code take into account the plan that people should have the 
option of saying "no", "yes", and "yes and by the way all my data is PD 

This had been discussed on the legal-talk list a while ago and according 
to RichardF this idea even received SteveC's blessing (he allegedly said 
something like "just formalising the scheme on the Wiki anyway"). Maybe 
you can check this one with Steve, I would really be happy to see this 

If and how we get that data out of the system would be secondary; it's 
just that I would like users to be given the choice to affirm their 
preference. - Such an option would certainly improve the acceptance of 
the license changeover process among PD advocates!


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