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All great ideas. I encourage you to start adding ideas to the wiki, and add your name to interested students list. We do need to archive the current GSoC wiki page, and start fresh for 2009.



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I am Marius, a student of computer sciences in the 9th semester at the
University of Hamburg, Germany.
I'd like to participate in the OpenStreetMap project. In particular I
thought about helping within the google summer of code. I'm highly
motivated to change some usability stuff, that I personally need to use
OpenStreetMap instead of GoogleMaps (which i currently use). There _is_
a big FAIL! in usability, and I want to do something about it.

Examples, what functionality I need:

a. A "What is this"-Function, when I click on an unknown Icon, like a
restaurant, a hospital or a park. Perhaps leading to a homepage or
giving the address.
b. A right click "do something around this point" dialog like "search
hereby", "find post offices nearby", "find a route from here to ..."
c. A better search with respect of regional support
c.i. some grammatical analysis: "post offices {near|in|by|southern_of}
c.ii. with respect of what I searched before (searched for Germany, then
Hamburg => so OSM shows Hamburg,Germany (but lists other options aside))
c.iii. spelling correction: There are no "postoffices" near lunen
c.iv. multi language support
c.v. search should jump to the first/best result, without a first click
c.vi. results like
"City Hamburg [ga:Hamburg] [gd:Hamburg] [vo:Hamburg] [fy:Hamboarch]
[vi:Hamburg] [oc:Amborg] [gl:Hamburgo] [fa:هامبورگ] [af:Hamburg]
[no:Hamburg] [an:Amburgo] [fr:Hambourg] [xh:Hamburg] [dsb:Hamburg]
[nl:Hamburg] [nn:Hamburg] [fi:Hampuri] [pam:Hamburg] [, about 55km
south-west of Lübeck "
are not smart. Lets write
"City Hamburg
[fa:هامبورگ] [fy:Hamboarch] [an:Amburgo] [fr:Hambourg] [fi:Hampuri] [,
about 55km south-west of Lübeck " , that is way shorter and nicer to
read. And imho noone is interested in these details.
c.vii. search word "germany, hamburg" has no correct result. That is poor.
d. I'd like to do a little study, what phrases are searched for the most
and do some optimizing based on these knowledge.

- -------------

Another point I care about is optimized caching for faster results and
less computing on the server side.
I don't really know, how the caching works in this project, I have some
ideas. Especially browser based caching might help a lot, I know that
from my own browsing behaviour. Images must not be downloaded new when
looking at the same place a second time...

What do you think of my ideas?

Sunny regards,

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