[OSM-dev] osm-helpers improvements

Eddy Petrișor eddy.petrisor at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 11:30:30 GMT 2009


Some weeks ago the Romanian OSM group decided on some naming rules for
the street names, refs, captalization, etc.

I looked on the wiki in search of a tool to aid me with the task of
changing "en masse" ways and nodes which were not in compliance with
the rules we've set.

I found the tools developed by Paolo Molaro and tried to use them:


I made a few improvements of my own and published the new code in a git repo:


Improvements include:
- allow installation in a directory such as ~/opt/osm-helpers
- store configurations under ~/.config/osm-helpers, as xdg standard suggests
- improved README
- some bug fixes
- possibility to specify in the notification message to the previous
contributor, a more specific reason/target of changes made (e.g.
prefering "street" to "st.", ref value should not contain spaces, name
value should have only the first letter of each word capitalized)
- new rules (in a special branch, so that the master branch holds only
changes which could benefit everybody else)

Note: I haven't updated the changelog file yet, but the details of
each change are visible in the git log.

I have set the repo so that anonymous contributions are possible in
the special branch "mob" under the account "mob".

If you have any suggestions or improvements of your own, please don't
hesitate to either commit them or contact me.

I would really like if Paolo himself gave his input, too.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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