[OSM-dev] Smallest possible package for OSM API

Kenn Sebesta kenn at wifi-bourgogne.com
Thu Feb 12 22:26:16 GMT 2009

> Many nodes in ways are only for shaping the road, and do not denote an
> intersection.

Exactly. For the first research phase, I need to know the physical
characteristics of the road. Now, what I'd like is a way to query if a
road intersects another. Since in a 100mX15m area, there won't be that
many nodes at all I can just compare all nodes to all other nodes and
make a short hierarchy, but if you have any tips for how I can phrase
that with the API I'm all ears.

> I'm a little confused about exactly what you are doing.  Will you be
> pre-processing the OSM data on a "large" system with internet access,
> then storing a subset on your small device?

That's exactly what I'll be doing. Offline, I'll prepare the database
and then store it on media, most likely an SD card or Compact Flash.
Since it's unlikely that any one person will simultaneously need data
for all major continents, I can split it into chunks that fit on
whatever memory card is most economical to buy.

>How many of these devices will you be producing?  (Cost optimization consumer
> devices is very different than that for something you make 100 of.)

This will be used produced for consumer use, but the cost optimization
is not one to maximize profit. Instead, we're looking to keep price as
low as possible so that it's accessible to the largest number of
people. How many that is depends on how well we do our job.

>What are you doing with the intersecting roads once you have found them?

What I'm doing with the intersecting roads is using them for
optimization and navigation. Using a GPS, I hope to be able to check
that the vehicle is still on the optimized route.

Kenn Sebesta

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