[OSM-dev] Diff files - Best Approach?

brendan barrett shogunz0r at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 19:08:27 GMT 2009

Hey there.

This is old hat to many of you, so i'm hoping that this may be quick
to answer. I have a local copy of the OSM database that I want to keep
in sync with what is in the OSM database. I see that there are diff
files by planet diff, and diff files by osmosis (in the daily / hourly
/ minute folders).
1. What's the difference between these two diff approaches?
2. Is there a best practice approach to keeping in sync?
3. Are they interchangeable? (i.e. Can I use the daily diffs for a
while, then swap over to the planet diff files and vice versa?)
3. How will API 0.6 affect this? Will I be able to reconcile the file
I use now with the one I have to download after the deployment?

FYI: I am not using any OSM tools to do the import, i'm writing my own
import code (i'm in a .Net environment, and I find it better for my
understanding if I do this myself). I can figure out how the files
work, I just need to know the high level stuff.

Thanks for any insight


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