[OSM-dev] Ponderings about an improved tagging scheme

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Fri Feb 20 11:04:04 GMT 2009

Jochen Topf wrote:
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>On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 02:18:04AM +0000, G H S wrote:
>> What Steve has proposed is what I would have expected.  I can already see
>adding a "natural" type, so I added a quick one to his page.
>Objekts in the real world can't neatly be categorized into types. The
>world is much more complicated than this. So OSM has a different
>approach: We just have attributes of objects called tags. Tags tell you
>*something about* an object, but they don't tell you what it *is*.
>Or, if you want to, you can see it this way: The sum of all the tags on
>an object is the type.

That's the nicest way I've seen in put to date. That should go on the



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