[OSM-dev] osmosis and changesets

ビカス ヤダワ (vikas yadav) mevikas at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 13:22:00 GMT 2009

(sorry for a possible double mail, i think last one did not get posted)

Me trying to get latest indian OSM data. I checked that cloudmade refreshes
the indian files once in ~15 days and I wanted faster.
Therefore I uploaded a rough indian boundary of platnet.osm.gz onto my Mysql
Then I tried to patch the daily changesets but since I could not find how to
filter out the changesets and boundary, osmosis keps mysql server busy for
~3 hours.
It worked for first 3 changesets and now osmosis is reporting fatal errors
about unable to delete something.
I have hunted osmosis command line to see that if I can apply the
planet-changeset only for indian boundary.
I beleive there may be an easier way to get latest indian OSM data on daily
Please suggest.

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