[OSM-dev] How to download the map data Programatically and make right-click menu support?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Feb 24 02:17:13 GMT 2009


Stefan Breunig wrote:
> Context menu: You don't. Taking control way from the user is never a
> good idea 

I agree in general but...

> and that's the reason why all modern browsers don't allow
> you to do such a thing.

... e.g. Google maps typically does this with a context menu that has 
"directions from/to here" and so on. So it seems to be allowed and even 
established practice.

> While there may be valid use cases it was
> often abused to do annoying things like popping an alert box "right
> click now allowed"

These always make me laugh.


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