[OSM-dev] new keepright.ipax.at bubble behaviour - please revert

Eddy Petrișor eddy.petrisor at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 09:27:36 GMT 2009


I have just tried to locate some connection problems in a part of a map
and I have just seen how the map and the entire picture moves around
when the bubble doesn't fit the screen.

Although cool, this behaviour is really annoying and counter-productive
for several reasons:
- since I am usually working on a 12' screen, the screen estate is not
too big, so is common for bubbles not to fit.
- when I move the mouse around and I hover over an arrow, the map moves
around making the bubble disappear, so I am forced to follow, then it
disappears again, then I follow, and so on...
- in areas when many errors exist, the map moves around incontrolably
since it tries to accommodate in sequence the bubbles the mouse hover
generates, and since it creates a bubble for each hovered arrow, yes, it
is a nightmare
- since I have control of how I centre the map it means I want it to be
centred around the point I chose; the map moving around to accommodate
the bubbles breaks that and forces me to look at a different area than
the one I want
- since the map moves, even fixating a bubble is a problem; by the time
I click, the map already moved so I am clicking elsewhere

To understand my frustration, please try to analyse at least one of the
errors here:


Also, what is the purpose of the option "keep error open"? As I
understand it, there's no difference between that and simply pressing

Please revert this behaviour, is really hard to use keepright now.
Other possible ways to fix (some maybe combined):
 - use a smaller font for the radio buttons, thus decreasing the default
bubble size
 - remove the "keep error open" option
 - hide the radio buttons hidden under an expandable area
 - remove "Save" and all the radio buttons and add other 2 buttons:
"false positive" and "fixed" - this way the bubble is not as high as
before and there are less confusing items
 - make the bubbles wider

Please, please, please fix this.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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