[OSM-dev] Problems with own Mapnik installation

Nils Bermann nils at post-ist-da.de
Sun Jun 21 10:23:28 BST 2009

On 2009-06-20 at 20:28 +0100, Jon Burgess wrote:
>> The problem is, that in different scales (bbox to image size) colours
>> of the ways changes and finally some ways vanish. Those vanishing are as
>> far as I can see highways except tracks and bridges for all kinds of
>> highways.
> I think that can happen if you have a mismatch between the osm.xml and
> the columns in the DB. These columns are defined by the contents of the
> default.style file used osm2pgsql.

You're absolutely right, that was the issue. Updating default.style and  
reimporting did it. I just wonder why it worked with a quite wrong scheme  
at all.

And is this problem - or rather that you should make sure to have matching  
schemes - mentioned anywhere? I reread the Mapnik and Osm2pgsql wiki pages  
and couldn't find it. If it's not in anywhere else I'd try to add it in on  


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