[OSM-dev] Problems with own Mapnik installation

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Sun Jun 21 10:49:26 BST 2009

Nils Bermann wrote:

> You're absolutely right, that was the issue. Updating default.style and  
> reimporting did it. I just wonder why it worked with a quite wrong scheme  
> at all.

That's because the layers you still saw at those zoom levels didn't 
reference those missing columns. The weirdly coloured roads you saw, for 
instance, were only drawn in their casing, and couldn't be filled with 
the core colour because that style actually referenced a missing column.

> And is this problem - or rather that you should make sure to have matching  
> schemes - mentioned anywhere? I reread the Mapnik and Osm2pgsql wiki pages  
> and couldn't find it. If it's not in anywhere else I'd try to add it in on  
> [[Mapnik]].

It's always a good idea to keep osm.xml, default.style and osm2pgsql 
synched to each other. If one of them falls too much behind the others 
in features, you can get those strange effects or other undefined behaviour.

So you're welcome to add such a note to the respective documentation, 
where missing.


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