[OSM-dev] Sqlite module for Mapnik

Tomas Kolda kolda at web2net.cz
Mon May 4 21:45:35 BST 2009


this is reaction for threads about sqlite and Mapnik. I promissed that I 
post something about my research. So here it is.


There is SVN with sources and compiled versions of tools (windows only 
at this time). At first I must say, that this is not replacement for 
current support of Sqlite in Mapnik. I did this work half year ago, so 
thats why there is only Mapnik 0.5.1.

It is very simple and uncomplete, but it works fine. If there will be 
some feedback, I will continue to finish it. Next development will be 
completely different to postgress schema, because there will be high 
performance speedups if I change rendering way.

At final state it should be just two programs. Convert/update tool and 
Web server with integrated mapnik and db server. So user just get his 
part of OSM, run convert and run server with converted data. I thing 
that there will be benefits for beginers, that is good artists (making 
icons and styles), but not advanced users (installing DBs and so on...).


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