[OSM-dev] List of Questions

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Thu May 7 09:21:26 BST 2009

Sam Mor wrote:
> We were testing making a slippy map
> we just followed some tutorials on the net for Mr Richard, great 
> tutorials actually, thanks for that
> We dont want to load the world boundaries map, I would like to have a 
> map for Russia,
> what do we have to change to load Russia map instead of world boundaries

There is no harm in having the world_boundaries, since by default Russia 
is in there as well. Or do you really want to see nothing outside the 
Russian border?

In the first case, you can limit the extent that's being shown in 
OpenLayers. Then you can't pan (much) beyond the Russian border.

In the second case, yes, you need another shapefile, with just the land 
mass for Russia. And you're probably going to have to create that 
yourself, in some way.

To your later question of "do we need the shapefile": yes, if you want 
to see land. The shapefile is used to draw ocean borders, and without 
it, everything is "in the water".


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