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Sam Mor sam_mor at y7mail.com
Mon May 11 03:44:03 BST 2009

we are using Richard Weait Tutorials (genearate_tiles) for world wide map, what do u suggest?

do we make it for a zoom level = 12 or 13?


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Iván Sánchez Ortega wrote:
> El Lunes, 11 de Mayo de 2009, Sam Mor escribió:
>> is a Hard drive of  500 Gig enough for a planet map rendering?
> It should be. If you check the wiki and munin, you'll see that the mapnik tile 
> server currently uses 75% of a 500 Gb RAID.

It depends on the rendering system used. See: 
Tile on avg served by tile.openstreetmap.org: ~6.5KB. opencyclemap.org: 
quoted as being at least 4x bigger.

generate_tiles.py method will generate many many tiles that will never 
be viewed, limit to zoom 17 and even with hard-linking identical sea 
tiles you will run out of disk space.

mod_tile can comfortably be used with 500GB of space, as long as disk 
can keep pace and ancient tiles are expired.


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