[OSM-dev] hard drive size

Iván Sánchez Ortega ivan at sanchezortega.es
Mon May 11 10:03:14 BST 2009

El Lunes, 11 de Mayo de 2009, Sam Mor escribió:
>  it's not a production server, it' s a research server...
> we have 500 Gig, which file do we use :
> planet-070711.osm.bz2                     11-Jul-2007 07:47  299M 
> or
> planet-071107.osm.bz2                     07-Nov-2007 10:26  1.2G 
> or more , what do you think?

Use the latest one, about 6.5GB. The amount of disk space used will be around 
3-4 times the planet size (for the PostGIS DB), plus the tiles. If you use 
mod_tile, you will only render a small amount of tiles, so you shouldn't have 
to worry about disk space (much).

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