[OSM-dev] How is the tile-index implemented/used?

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Thu May 14 14:01:06 BST 2009

Daniel Gilbert wrote:

> I guess the Lat/Lon conversion you described above allows me to 
> determine all the nodes which are in a special area and then create a 
> tile from it. I checked out the svn and came across the quad_tiles.h. 
> Seems to me as if it contains the functions I would need to do the 
> conversion, doesn't it?

Those are the functions for the tiling the API does, yes.

> My goal is an easy-to-use Windows application, which requires no 
> additional knowledge. Simply download the country you want, import it by 
> clicking a button and be happy. Then you can search for streets, towns 
> or POI in general. Might maybe help to spread the word of OSM into the 
> Windows-world...

If you're trying to display planar maps then you will need to project 
them to the plane and you may want to do tiling post-projection, much as 
the slippy map tiles do, rather than on the original WGS84 lat/lon 
values like the API does.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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