[OSM-dev] How is the tile-index implemented/used?

Daniel Gilbert osmmaillst at danielgilbert.de
Thu May 14 14:22:44 BST 2009

Hi Tom,

thanks for your fast reply. ;)

> If you're trying to display planar maps then you will need to project 
> them to the plane and you may want to do tiling post-projection, much 
> as the slippy map tiles do, rather than on the original WGS84 lat/lon 
> values like the API does. 
I'm not sure if I got the point: instead of saving the lat/lon-values to 
my db and calculate the coordinates on demand, I should rather convert 
the values into a plane-projection like the slippy map does and then 
create my tiles and search index based on it?

Or did I completely miss the point?


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