[OSM-dev] Can SQLite3 handle OSM 150G data file?

Tomas Kolda kolda at web2net.cz
Fri May 15 09:58:57 BST 2009

Did you try my version of import? I have no responses, so maybe not :). 
I did not tried complete planet, but indexes was created quite fast. 
30seconds on 150MB osm file.

I think that you should make a chart (xml size->time to create index) 
and than you can see complexity of creating indexes in sqlite based on 
OSM size. I think that it will be O(n log(n)), but maybe not.

If I will have time, I can try to convert planet using my tool.


Kelly Jones napsal(a):
> Thanks to everyone who replied.
> OK, loading all the nodes for OSM doesn't take much time, but INDEXing
> the fields takes forever (days).
> The first time I tried this, I pre-created the indexes before loading
> the data. That's why the load took so long.
> This time, I loaded the data first (fairly quick) and then created the
> indexes. It's now been several days and the indexes are still being
> created.
> Thoughts?

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