[OSM-dev] Applying changes to partial import of db?

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Tue May 26 04:11:42 BST 2009

Holger Schöner wrote:
> Hi,
> Am Fr, 22. Mai 2009 schrieb Holger Schöner:
> [...]
>> I have now succeeded in importing the Europe extract (I think at least, I
>> have not used it for anything ...). If my further usage of the database
>> is going to work well and nobody has objections or knows a better way, I
>> can put the steps into the wiki. The sequence of steps I used is
> I was under the impression (having read that somewhere?), that the change 
> files could also be used to update a previous import of only part of the 
> planet. I remember reading, that this would also introduce nodes outside the 
> bounding box of the original import, which could then be removed from the db 
> later on (if it should stay restricted to the bounding box).
> Unfortunately, I seem not to be able to update the Europe-import with change 
> files, because (obviously ...) nodes are missing for ways which are to be 
> imported (which are probably outside the bounding box). Is there a way to do 
> this?
> The only idea I have left is to completely leave out all constraints from 
> the database (which would need another day at least for testing, I guess), 
> such that osmosis does not fail with the way (and relation?) updates. Is 
> that, how people are handling partial imports? Could this break further 
> actions in the database (inside the original bounding box that is; outside I 
> am sure, this will break ...), like extracting smaller parts into xml-files?
That's probably your only option.  Applying changesets is almost 
guaranteed to break referential integrity at some point until all 
changes are applied.  I don't have any great ideas on how to resolve 
this one.

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