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Stefan Ziegler stefan.ziegler_zst at gmx.de
Tue May 26 22:04:04 BST 2009


(sorry for the last empty replies).

> From: "Gary G:" <gary at gary68.de>

> i try to start a new try to use svn to publish my programs. but...
> first of all: yes, i did some google search, but... i wasn't lucky. so:
> what is the (best) way to use the svn? do i need special software
> (linux!) or will usual commands do?
> I want to create new files and update them if needed. svn should do the
> versioning.
> is there any (good!) introduction for these steps? link?

Book for Subversion in different languages:

Subversion Software Download:
(normally there are packages for your distribution, available from your distribution repository).

Before you try to build your own subversion server, try some project hosting websites like "Google Code" or SourceForge.net
Both has subversion support (upload only for registered project members, download for everyone).
> thanks  
> gerhard

Bye, Stefan.

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