[OSM-dev] osm2pgsql killed when importing planet

Jaume Figueras jaume.figueras at masafi.cat
Wed May 27 09:14:19 BST 2009

Hi devs,

I have a mod_tile+mapnik+postgis replication to serve OSM maps, last 
update was on 2008.

Now I want to update the database daily, so I'm trying to import the 
planet and then the daily diffs, I compiled the last version of 
osm2pgsql from svn but while importing the planet:

./osm2pgsql -m -d gis-planet planet-090520.osm.bz2

the process is killed at processing way 7893k every time I try to do the 

If I try the -s slim mode it warns me that intarray contrib is not 
installed and the resulting database will not be usable for applying diffs.

Computer specs are:

Ubuntu server 8.04 x64 up to date on a AMD Athlon 64X2 4600+ 2GB ram an 
500GB free disk space.

Any hint of what's happening?

Also, how do I should call osm2pgslq to import the diffs?

Thanks in advance,


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