[OSM-dev] JSON/GeoJSON output format for 0.6 api

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun May 31 23:23:15 BST 2009


Tels wrote:
> Well, one could fetch the data at z17, see it is below some 
> $ARBITRARY_THRESHOLD, zoom out to z16m, fetch again, and if still below 
> $THRESHOLD, repeat it until either there is too much data (display 
> message) or the user-requested zoomlevel was reached.

I think the tiles at home folks already keep a database that says how 
complex each level-12 tile is. So if we were not so busy telling them 
how they're technologically backwards and how their whole project is 
rubbish, they might just give us that.

I also suspect that the size of a PNG tile would bear a halfway linear 
relationship to the amount of data on that tile, so a HEAD request 
against the tile server could work just as well.


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