[OSM-dev] JSON/GeoJSON output format for 0.6 api

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Wed May 27 12:25:10 BST 2009

Richard Fairhurst wrote:

> Out of interest, do we have any stats on the proportion of server load
> caused by each client?
> (not sure I really want to ask that question...)

I'm not sure you did either ;-)

I have some logs here from the bulkapi servers for one day about a week 
ago, and according to those the total real time elapsed servicing the 
various calls breaks down as follows:

potlatch       5d 13h 58m 45.172s   (48.3%)
api download   3d 19h 30m 00.661s   (33.0%)
api upload     1d 20h 15m 54.646s   (16.0%)
other          7h 30m 20.659s       (2.7%)

Potlatch here means all the amf/read methods (the write ones are not 
done on the bulkapi servers) and the swf method and API download means 
the map and trackpoints calls. The API upload is just changeset uploads.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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