[OSM-dev] JSON/GeoJSON output format for 0.6 api

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed May 27 13:22:27 BST 2009

Tom Hughes wrote:

> Richard Fairhurst wrote:
>> Out of interest, do we have any stats on the proportion of server load
>> caused by each client?
>> (not sure I really want to ask that question...)
> I'm not sure you did either ;-)


I suspect a lot of the Potlatch load is caused by people trying to  
edit large areas at z13.

We pretty much have to keep offering z13 because for most of the  
world, it's the only level at which Yahoo imagery is available. What  
would be good (we discussed this on IRC) would be if Potlatch - or the  
Rails site, which is after all the code that actually tells Potlatch  
"edit this at this zoom, this latitude and this longitude" - could  
access some metric or other to find out how dense an area is, and then  
zoom in accordingly if there'll be too much to edit. One for the hack  
weekend maybe...


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