[OSM-dev] Coastline Rendering

brendan barrett shogunz0r at gmail.com
Sun May 31 14:07:34 BST 2009

Hey all.

I'm trying to render coastlines in an app that I am building using OSM
data (The rendering engine just draws shapes and I have to determine
what shapes to draw). I've been able to learn a lot from the wiki
about how coastlines are created (anti-clockwise and joined end on
end), but still have an issue with deciding where there is sea and
where there is land if zoomed into an area with no features.

>From what I saw, there is a binary file somewhere that maps out the
land / sea areas that you can query if you find no coastline ways etc.
Is this the best / only approach? If so, where could I find this file?
Should I create one myself? Does it work well over the whole globe?

Does anyone with coastline rendering experience have any suggestions
on how best to solve this problem?

I'd really appreciate any input as I want to render coastlines in
real-time using the data pretty much as is (i.e. not convert to shape
files etc). This is for a client side application using real-time
rendering, so I am looking for the fastest approach.


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